About Us (and our shop)

We started our store in the late fall of 2009.  We’d all been quite crafty up to this point, but the idea of combining our efforts into a single business venture hadn’t come up until Becky (who’d been doing the online store thing for a while) brought it up.  What a better way to have something we could do together, that we enjoy, and that might pay for itself?!

And so Three Sassy Sisters was born after much deliberation and we’ve been going strong for the past few months.

Becky makes the cat toys and head bands, and really all things felted.  She does some of the neatest things with old neckties and is pretty business savy.  She has a big orange kitty named Jack.

Jessica does all the knitting and makes the cat collars.  (I feel like I do more, but obviously not 😉 )  She’s a senior at Roosevelt University and is majoring in English and Creative Writing.  She’s got two kitties named Alice and Bella.  She goes under the name “Bubble Bath Goddess” and writes another blog as well.

Amanda doesn’t make regular appearances, but when she does, she makes ribboned headbands and such.  She’s just started her career as an esthetician and is pretty busy these days.  She does give one mean facial though (if you frequent the Chicagoland area).


One Response to “About Us (and our shop)”

  1. Mike September 27, 2011 at 1:31 pm #

    Love your web site & shop. We are doing a article at: http://redposie.com/blog/etsy/pampered-pet-products/

    Would love to add your link in this article if interested contact mike at: mstephens@redposie.com

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