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Kittens and Puppies and Tug Toys, Oh My!

2 Oct

Ahhh, summer, where did you go? ¬†Can you believe it’s October already? Yikes!

If you’ve been following us on facebook, you know that Three Sassy Sisters has grown this summer. ūüôā ¬†If not, let me explain:
At the beginning of June we found a few kittens in our garage. ¬†They were tiny and sick, and we couldn’t resist keeping one of them. ¬†Milly went to live with Becky and her daughter when they closed on their first house. ¬†She’s pretty sassy herself and has made a wonderful place for herself in their family. ¬†She’s a character, that’s for sure. ¬†She just got spayed and microchipped.

Shortly after that, Mr. Smith, a medium sized goldendoodle came to live with them. ¬†He’s super smart, super energetic, and super cute!

Which brings us to a new product!

Our Recycled T-Shirt Tugs¬†were listed a month or so ago and have gotten awesome reviews thus far. ¬†They’re chewable, durable, washable, and colorful! ¬† Made only from old, recycled, cotton t-shirts, they’re eco-friendly and dog safe!

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be offering another version of the tug toys. ¬†Our Recycled Tennis Ball T-Shirt Tug Toys are made from recycled tennis balls and t-shirts. ¬†Most indoor tennis balls are only used for one match or one practice session and then thrown away. ¬†Rather than allow them to go to waste, we’ve taken these tennis balls, washed and dried them, and turned them into an awesome toy for your dog to enjoy!

Mr. Smith LOVES his! =)

Want to win your own Recycled Tennis Ball T-Shirt Tug?  Stay tuned for a giveaway this next week! =)

Meanwhile, we’re gearing up for Halloween. ¬†Do your pets have any fun costumes? ¬†Bella’s dinosaur/lizard/snake costume might make a comeback this year… ūüėČ


Easter Giveaway Winner and New News! :)

5 May

I apologize for the delay in announcing the winner of our Easter Giveaway. ¬†Easter, finals, and my college graduation took over my life a little more than I thought they would. ūüôā

Becky and I were pretty excited. Can you tell? ūüėČ

Anywho, I’m excited to announce that Deanna¬†Voorhees is the winner of our Easter Giveaway! ¬†Congratulations, Deanna! ¬†Thanks to everyone who participated in our Giveaway. ¬†You all have some awesome family traditions! ūüôā

In other news, Three Sassy Sisters will be at the Westfield Shopping Mall (previously the Fox Valley Mall) in Aurora, Illinois Friday, May 6 through Sunday, May 8. ¬†We’ll be selling our cat products as well as another new product: Bling Strands!

Bling Strands are awesome! ¬†You can wash, dry, curl, and straighten your hair with them in! ¬†They come in beautiful colors and add so much fun to your hair!! ūüôā

Finally, it’s Becky’s birthday!! Happy Birthday, Becky!! ¬†We’re heading out to Taste of Himalayas in St. Charles in a few minutes to celebrate! Yay!

Store on Vacation

13 Feb

–> Three Sassy Sisters will to be closed for the next day or so due to a family emergency. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you’ll come back to visit us when we reopen.

Existing orders will still be shipped asap!

We appreciate your understanding!

ps.  Our GIVEAWAY is still ongoing until tonight at midnight.  It may take us an extra day or two to announce the winner though.

Bella hates family emergencies almost as much as she hates bath day...