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Series: Fish Balls. Or Balls of Fish.

22 Nov

After a weekend of baking Thanksgiving cookies in Wisconsin with my good friend Jessica (wife, mother, photographer, and crafting enthusiast), I got inspired to do a little extra baking for some other special ladies in my life.  My kitties.  We’ve been talking about listing cat treats in our store and I finally had the motivation to start testing…

And so I started out with a couple cans of sardines and went from there.  A little wheat germ and a couple other secret ingredients and ta-da!

Mmmmm! Fish Balls!

Bella loved them!


Alice, my little picky eater, opted out of the taste testing.  I suppose once I’ve found something she likes, I’ve found the magic recipe… 😉

Bella and I hung out in the kitchen for a couple hours and taste tested all kinds of goodness.  Something we won’t be trying again: frozen krill.  It was obviously time to call it a night when I asked her to try one more thing and I got this look….

No, I won't eat another Krill Kookie...

I divided them up and am hoping all the little kitties I’ll see this week will love the winning treats just as much as Bella did. 🙂



We’ll keep you updated!