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Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

17 Nov

I think I’m getting cat collar’d out… Or maybe just school burned out… Yea, it’s probably school… 😉  I just whipped up a few new ones tonight and should be getting them listed within the next couple days.  Christmas themed as well as something new… Hanukkah anyone? 🙂
Speaking of cat collars, our cousin, Tina, bought a few of our cat collars a couple weeks ago and uploaded this picture to share with us..

How cute are they!?

Or this pretty boy with his jingle ball

He loves it on the inside, really he does...

I love cats.  My cats, other people’s cats, random cats.  Their attitude and overall demeanor just makes me smile. 🙂
My two babies are turning  two-years-old today!  I can’t believe it.  Weren’t they just kittens?!  Although, it’s not like they’ve settled down much; they’re still a couple of nuts. 😉